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Intelligent cleaning

IoT Cleaning’s software solution helps you with data-driven cleaning scheduling for businesses. With IoT Cleaning, the staff cleans when needed – instead of on predetermined days of the week.

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How it works

Software for efficient cleaning scheduling for businesses

Save time and resources

Flexible and intelligent scheduling

Lower costs

More efficient cleaning

Automated processes

Minimal environmental impact


How does cleaning scheduling with IoT Cleaning work?

Sensors in the rooms register the activity in the building.

Scheduling software helps you create cleaning schedules.

The cleaning staff cleans as needed.

You save money and lessen your environmental impact.

IoT Cleaning

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Maintain an overview of your buildings and rooms with IoT Cleaning’s software. You can easily add new buildings and room types.

Every room type has a cleaning description that the cleaner receives when the need for cleaning arises.

On the dashboard, you can also see messages from your suppliers, an overview of the rooms that have been paused, and the status of your supplier’s planned cleaning tasks.

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Maintain an overview of the customer’s buildings you are responsible for. You can see the rooms that are located on the different floors of the buildings.

Maintain the overview of your cleaners, create new cleaners, or register absences in IoT Cleaning’s software. You can also create people who are responsible for the customer and the workplace.

On the dashboard, you see new assignments from your customers, your latest messages, and an overview of your cleaners’ absences. You can also see rooms that have been paused and get an overview of how your planned tasks have been completed.

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Get an overview of the day’s assignments. You can see the tasks you are assigned and have to complete today. You will also find a list of the unfinished tasks you have not yet completed.

On the dashboard, you see the latest messages and the rooms the customer has paused. You can also see the tasks that have been completed, how many tasks have been completed late, as well as tasks that could not be completed.

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The future is data-driven. Use data to schedule cleaning based on the activity in your buildings.

IoT Cleaning assists you with automatic planning and updating of cleaning schedules, so that you can use as few resources as possible and save time and money.

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