Cleaning scheduling based on activity levels

Clean based on how much the rooms are used

Schedule your cleaning based on how much the individual rooms are used. With IoT Cleaning, you get a tool that registers how much your rooms are being used and automatically schedules the cleaning based on the actual need.

How IoT Cleaning works

IoT Cleaning is ideal for the intelligent buildings of the future. The system can be integrated with CST and BMS systems and automate the process, so you don’t have to update the cleaning forms manually.

How you use IoT Cleaning

Sensors register the activity levels in the building’s rooms.

Data about the activity level is sent to IoT Cleaning’s cleaning system, where you have pre-defined the activity requirements that the cleaning is based on.

IoT Cleaning treats the data and sends a message to the cleaners with the rooms that need to be cleaned.

IoT Cleaning – We Reinvent Cleaning

How it works

With IoT Cleaning, you get


Easier scheduling


Data-driven overview


Lower costs


More efficient cleaning


Sustainable operation


Automatic filling in of cleaning forms.


Do you already have a CTS or BMS system? Integrate IoT Cleaning with the system you already use.

Planon Software

Combine your data from Planon Software with IoT Cleaning. In this way, you can use the sensors you already have installed together with IoT Cleaning.


Is Spacewell your preferred system for facility management? Combine data from Spacewell and IoT Cleaning and make cleaning scheduling easier and less time-consuming.


Are you already using Spaceti for facility management? Make use of the sensors you already have in the building and connect IoT Cleaning to schedule the cleaning.

Microsoft Azure IoT

Do you use Microsoft Azure IoT? Connect IoT Cleaning to the sensors you already have installed.

The potential value of the Internet of Things (IoT) is enormous – and therefore intelligent buildings are the only real way forward.

According to Mckinsey Global Institute, IoT solutions in offices can provide economic benefits of USD 70-150 billion by 2025, for example through increased productivity, time savings and better utilisation of assets.

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Software, planning, and the Internet of Things

How to get started

A test of IoT Cleaning will help uncover the value of moving from static cleaning schedules to data-driven cleaning schedules. At the same time, you will get 100% documentation of future savings and the utilisation rate of your rooms.

Choose the building.

We install the sensors (your current cleaning schedule will not be based on the system in the test period).

Receive a 15-page report on savings in both DDK and Co2.

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