About us

We Reinvent Cleaning

With more than 25 years of experience in the cleaning industry, we have rethought the basis for cleaning scheduling.

Carsten and Knud Erik Petersen

Two brothers with a shared mission

We, Carsten and Knud Erik Petersen, founded IoT Cleaning to ensure more sustainable and climate-friendly buildings.

Knud Erik has founded and operated his own cleaning company for 22 years. He therefore has in-depth knowledge of all processes from assistant level to senior management.

Carsten has worked with technology since he got his first computer at the age of 15: a Commodore 64. For more than 17 years, he has been employed by one of Denmark’s leading software companies, before becoming self-employed with his older brother Knud Erik in 2011.

We work closely together as brothers. Together, we have reinvented cleaning so that companies and buildings get the highest level of cleaning while using as few resources as possible. This ensures the least possible strain on both people and the environment.

We specialise in solutions for the cleaning sector. And with our insight and understanding of the industry, we create solutions that are tailored to the needs and requirements of the cleaning industry.

At IoT Cleaning, we help companies cut costs and make more efficient scheduling. And it helps our environment by minimising the use of cleaning equipment and agents.



Mission statement

IoT Cleaning’s mission is to ensure more sustainable and climate-friendly buildings around the world that are only cleaned where there has been activity in them. This contributes to the highest level of cleaning and ensures the least possible use of resources.

The solution of the future

With IoT Cleaning, we have created the solution of the future for the cleaning sector

IoT Cleaning is a global, leading cloud-based tool for cleaning scheduling. With IoT Cleaning, it is possible for the first time to move away from scheduling cleaning based on static plans that run week after week and month after month. Instead, you can make cleaning scheduling data-driven, flexible, and activity-based.

You probably already have an agreement with a good cleaning company or your own staff. We will not change that. But where the cleaning company previously created a fixed/static cleaning schedule for your buildings, the IoT Cleaning software can now create a cleaning schedule that considers the actual use of the building. Every day, the cleaners are automatically notified about where they need to clean.

The cleaning scheduling becomes intelligent. You achieve financial savings with a more efficient use of resources and your consumption becomes more sustainable because fewer chemicals are emitted, and less water and cleaning agents are used.

In short, it is the optimal solution for companies that want to reap all the benefits of data-driven cleaning scheduling.

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