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Experience the difference, IoT Cleaning can make for you.

Regardless of whether you have access to the Internet or not, you can test IoT Cleaning in your building.

A test of IoT Cleaning shows what a difference data-driven cleaning scheduling can make in your rooms. You receive 100% documentation of future savings – both financial and environmental – and you will know how much your rooms are being used.

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How the test works

When we carry out a test in your building, we choose a test area together with you. In the test area, we install sensors that collect data on how much the area is being used in the test period. During the test period, your cleaning staff will still clean as usual, so that your level of cleaning will not be affected during the test period.

The test summarised:

  • We install sensors in toilet areas, offices, and conference rooms.
  • The sensors measure and collect data on how much the rooms are used.
  • Cleaning is carried out as usual during the test period.
  • You will receive a 15-page report with documentation.

The report documents how much toilets, conference rooms, and desks are used. In addition, you get a clear overview of the financial savings by using IoT Cleaning compared to your current setup and the expected savings in chemicals, water, CO2, and electricity.

Rapport fra test af IoT Cleaning